An Intro to Milly + Co.

Firstly I'd like to welcome you to the design world of Milly + Co. A little world fueled by caffeine, endless style, and the love of all things sweet and nostalgic. 

I am Samantha Stenner, creative director of Milly + Co. and passionate graphic designer. Milly + Co. actually began months ago, whilst looking to create a brand that represented how I had grown as a designer, but also what future I had planned for my business. 

I am more motivated than ever, after graduating two years ago from the Bachelor of Digital Media at Griffith University. I feel personally I have grown from my professional experiences having been employed in the design industry, and also networking as a freelance designer. I have established a strong sense of my design style, individuality and appeal within the industry. I believe my design is simplistic, clean and beautiful. It is thoughtful without over-thinking it. 

I hope you enjoy the journey of Milly + Co. as it grows and flourishes, and I am excited to be sharing it with you all! 


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