Hello from Japan!

Things have been a little quiet on Milly + Co. whilst we have been jetsetting around Japan, but what an adventure it's been...

This is my third trip to this beautiful country; I cannot explain the passion I have for Japan. From a young age I fell in love with this foreign world: watching Hayao Miyazaki breathe life into his Ghibli films, following the quirks of Japanese fashion and design, and learning about the rich culture and history.

This particular trip has offered me a wealth of opportunities, experiences and inspiration. A special moment occurred on our visit to Hiroshima, whilst watching young primary school children learn the past of this haunted site I was approached by a small group of them to write a message of peace. As a gift they left me with an origami crane and their warm goodbyes. It was particularly significant as many of the Hiroshima victims were the same age as these young children standing before me. 

Venturing out further proved to be one of our best ideas. Little gems, like the Very Fancy Me cafe in Namba Daikokucho, were a pleasure to discover and enjoy. Sipping my caramel tea, I admired the eclectic and homely interior design of the upstairs space, and envied the simplistic branding that complimented the scenery so well. Their slogan reads "pancakes, tea, coffee and HAPPY!" and boy was I happy to be there.

Niko and Tokyo has quickly become one of my favourite places, and I now feel like a regular over these past 3 weeks. Walking into a creative space with the welcoming scent of brewing coffee, complete with an in-house restaurant and floor-to-ceiling shelving of design goods and homewares, has got to be up there on my list. Being a designer and caffeine addict, this was like dying and going to heaven! After wandering around both downstairs and upstairs, I spotted this stunning golden illustrated 2015 diary. I am satisfied that when the going gets tough over the coming months I will have a constant reminder of my happy place!

I have been lucky enough to witness many unique designs and interesting new labels. Personal favourites have been my "this is a pen" pen by Noritake, the Aloe lip balm from Charley-zzz, and the whimsical design of Graniph clothing store. I will leave a list of links in the comments section of this post, so you can all discover these wonderful labels for yourself.

I have some new projects up my sleeve when I come home, and I hope you'll continue to follow Milly + Co. to uncover more!


From top-left: Hiroshima Paper Crane, Niko and Tokyo 2015 Diary, Very Fancy Me coaster (sorry I may have taken this as a souvenir), Aloe Lip Balm, Noritake Pen

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